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Kanela Fans

Kanela was born with the illusion of giving a renewed air to the manufacture and design of fans.

Our hope started in Valencia, specifically in Aldaia, the cradle of the fan

Aldaia for centuries concentrates practically all of the national and European fan factories.

Our brand is committed to what is made by hand and in Spain.

We want people to regain interest in lovingly handmade items.

Our designs reflect the essence of Kanela, giving importance to details, as well as the cooperation of which we form this family. That is why one of the Kanela collections is called “Ohana”, which means family and that is the essence of our brand.

We are a family business dedicated to this artisan trade for more than 30 years.

With the intention of maintaining the traditions of this artisan work, our company is an associate member of the Guild of Artisan Fans, collaborating continuously in its activities.

The world of the fan is evolving and from Kanela we want to contribute to it, without forgetting the origins and particularities of this artisan trade.

Due to the particularity of this handmade item, no two fans will be the same. Despite the fact that all our fans are made with care and maximum care, people are that, people.

That is why our fans may have small imperfections that make them unique.

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