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Sell our handfans in your retail business with the help of Faire!

Would you like to sell our handfans in your physical store? At Kanela Fans, we have the perfect solution for you. Now you can access our exclusive catalog of handfans with retail prices through Faire, the leading platform for connecting independent retailers with brands and manufacturers.

Discover our quality handmade handfans

At Kanela Fans, we are pleased to offer you a wide selection of handmade handfans. Their production are unique and exclusively made in Spain. Each handfan has been carefully designed and made by our design team. From our most contemporary styles to our most modern and avant-garde designs, our handfans stand out for their finishes and the quality of their components.

Benefits of joining Faire

Faire is a platform that connects independent retailers with brands and manufacturers from around the world.

Now, thanks to our collaboration with Faire, you can enjoy a simplified shopping experience and the following benefits:

1. Discover new products and exclusive brands:

Faire allows you to explore a vast catalog of products from different categories, from fashion to home, beauty and more. You will find exclusive brands and unique products that will captivate your customers and differentiate you from the competition.

2. Ease of ordering and replenishment:

With Faire, placing orders and replenishing your inventory is quick and easy. You can explore our catalogue, select the handfans you want and place your order in just a few clicks. Additionally, Faire offers automatic replenishment options so you never run out of stock of our popular handfans.

3. Ease of payment:

At Faire, you can pay up to 60 days after placing your order and Faire takes care of advancing the money to your provider. This gives you flexibility to adapt to your business needs.

4. Personalized support and customer service:

Faire is committed to providing you with excellent customer service and personalized support at every step of the process. They will be available to answer your questions, provide you with additional information and help you achieve success in selling our handfans in your physical store.


Do not miss the opportunity to offer your customers exclusive handfans adapted to the trends set by fashion. Join us through Faire and discover the easiest and most profitable way to expand the catalog of your retail business.

If you join Faire from our brand link, from May 24, 2023, retailers who sign up through our Faire Direct link can get 50% off your first order (up to €200) and 1 year of free shipping with our brand, all paid for by Faire!

Once registered, you will be able to access our retail prices and our recommended sales prices.

Click the link below to explore our catalog of handfans at Faire and start selling them in your physical store today!

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